Description equipment

Construction – – Livee walls are formed by acknowledged CLT solid wood panels that operate in the interior for a luxurious feel, while being pleasant and neutral in design. All constructions meet the parameters of a passive house and near zero consumption house. Such insulation as the used blown cellulose or mineral wool formaldehyde-free with ECOSE technology.

Facilities – the goal is to make the house perfectly functional and complete, so you can use it immediately, as well as any product from the store. All this for 10 weeks after signing the order.

Storage space – Even in the smallest module at least 5 m3 of storage spaces can be thoughtfully positioned in the interior. Be assured – you will fit with everything you need to live. If you need more, the modules can have additional unheated facilities for bicycles, garden tools and other necessary things.

The materials are chosen with regard to quality and durability, and more. All materials are tested and approved for the harmful emission class E0, so do not worry about pollutants indoors. The same applies to all paints and adhesives used in construction.

Health is the most important aspect and therefore, all modules are equipped with an easily controllable ventilation unit with efficient heat recovery. Carbon dioxide sensors take care of this leaving your home sufficiently ventilated and cosy. The units are certified in the Passivhaus Institute Darmstadt and meet the most stringent requirements for efficiency and noise.

Efficient housing – Livee houses and its parameters/design seamlessly meet the requirements for passive or zero energy houses. For heating we therefore pay only a fraction of what is customary for an ordinary house plus the house will maintain a high price on the real estate market.

Green technologies for self-sufficient living – if you want to live autonomously, with modules from Livee. They can be equipped with a photovoltaic or wind power, stove, chimney, domestic wastewater treatment plant and other technologies that allow you to live off-grid.

The Lifespan is comparable with the construction of a regular house and with proper maintenance it can live well beyond the life of its bearing structure by at least 80 years. Materials and products used with a minimal need for maintenance, and all details are handled with the greatest precision, you will not have to worry about anything unnecessarily. This house will simply survive you.