Do Livee mobile homes need a building permit?

From 1. 1. 2007, a new building code came into force, respectively. Act no. 183/2006 Coll., regarding territorial planning and building regulations, according to which oversees management of the licensing process. Livee UNOs smaller module has a built area of 50 m2, and therefore ranks among the small buildings that do not require a building notice. In this case, however, as the builder must apply for a zoning or planning permit. The larger modules Livee Duo in most cases do not require a building permit, but like all buildings up to 150 m2 are led under a construction notification.

Can I get a subsidy from the “new green savings program”?

Yes, for larger the modules of Livee Duo you can obtain a subsidy at a level B1 in the amount of 335 thousand. CZK. It is important that the site allows the orientation of the main facade of up to 45 ° from the south and is not shielded by a hillside, shaded by trees or surrounding buildings. Here we can help in assessing the suitability of land. The Judgement is prepared for modules made ready, we need only to submit it. Livee UNO smaller modules do not meet the basic conditions and average size of the building and can not be applied for subsidies.

Do the Livee modules equate with the standards of the Passivhaus Institute? What energetic category do they fall under?

All designs meet all demanding thermal insulation parameters defined by the Passivhaus Passive House Institute (PHI) in Darmstadt and also the parameters of a passive house and almost zero buildings expectations set in CSN 73 0540-2. Due to the suboptimal form factor, which is more pronounced in smaller houses, however the Modules Livee Duo are not according to PHI. According to Czech legislation, the modules Livee Duo are in the category of energy consumption category A. The Livee modules Uno do not require an energy performance certificate, although they are also very economical.

What warrantee do Livee houses have?

We are aware of the excellent quality of our homes and therefore provide a guarantee of 30 years for construction and 5 years on all finishes. All materials are certified and meet the highest standards for quality. In addition, after 6 months of living we perform an inspection to make sure that everything works flawlessly.